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In the Wake of the Storm - Living beyond the Tragedy of Flight 4184.

In one of life's unfathomable twists, on the afternoon of October 31, 1994, a Halloween that was marked by nightmarish weather across the Midwest, a turboprop plane bound for Chicago crashed in a soybean field outside the small town of Roselawn, Indiana. All sixty-eight people aboard American Eagle Flight 4184 perished, including the author's thirty-seven-year-old sister, Patty, and her four-year-old nephew, Patrick.

Instantaneously this tragedy created a ripple effect that grew to have worldwide repercussions.

In the Wake of the Storm is the astonishing story of the aftermath of that crash. Its a spellbinding and inspiring account of how the surviving families, broken down by shock and grief, found the strength to take a stance against a flawed corporate system and effect change through advocacy and the passing of new legislation that continues to benefit all passengers today.

It is also a tale containing unexplainable occurrences that invite the reader to explore a deeper meaning to life and the possibility of an expanded world existing beyond what we can see and touch. Within Theresa Severin's poignant account of living with loss, but not succumbing to it, is a universal message of hope.

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